Coordinating research in energy networks


HubNet - A Hub for Energy Networks

HubNet is a consortium of researchers from various UK universities tasked with coordinating research in energy networks in the UK. HubNet was funded by the Energy Programme of Research Councils UK under grant number EP/I013636/1 (2011-2016) and now EP/N030028/1 (2016-2018).

This Hub provides research leadership in the field through the publication of in-depth position papers written by leaders in the field and the organisation of workshops and other mechanisms for the exchange of ideas between researchers, industry and the public sector.

HubNet supports research across a range of topics to spur the development of innovative solutions for low-carbon and secure energy networks. We have identified the following broad areas as crucial to that objective:

  • Energy Networks Modelling and Planning
  • Network Control & Operation under Uncertainty
  • Distributed and Intelligent Control
  • Information Systems for Energy Networks
  • Offshore Network Infrastructure
  • Grid-Scale Storage
  • New Distribution Infrastructure

The HubNet Association is a free-to-join grouping of researchers and research users. Join via the "HubNet Registration" tab to get access to working document versions of positions papers, an archive of workshop and symposium presentations and to receive notification of future events.


The HubNet Colloquium is organising a series of workshops that aim to bring together industry and academic practitioners to discuss current challenges related to specific themes each time.

Upcoming Events:

  • HubNet Assembly (7th March 2018, Manchester)

The latest workshops to be held were:

The HubNet Colloquium supported the following workshop:


  • There have recently been stories in the media about the risk of electricity capacity shortfalls, including references to a report published by the British Infrastructure Group, and to GB customers in the future receiving very different levels of access to energy according to ability to pay. Are the concerns in these stories justified? See here for a commentary from HubNet participant Chris Dent, DEI Associate Fellow and Reader in Industrial Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh on certain aspects of this. Chris questions whether the alarmist tone of these articles is justified.

  • Chris Dent, Reader in Industrial Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh and PI of the SuperGen HubNet SMART-SAFE project, has written a blog article discussing key issues in energy systems modelling (with the help of a few experts including George Box, Darth Vader and Brian Clough). In particular he looks at issues of relating model results to the real world, and what is required to use modelling to support taking good decisions with respect to the real world (as opposed to model world). The article can be found here.