Coordinating research in energy networks

Flexifund Projects

Starting from June 2016, HubNet will be funding a series of projects following a competitive call that was announced in December 2015. The call identified two broad themes:

  • Energy Network Operation and Planning under Risk and Uncertainty
  • Distributed Control and Data Analytics

A total of 25 projects were proposed with a total request for 670 months of researcher resource. HubNet was able to fund 180 months of researcher resource.

Proposals were sent to independent reviewers, in the main academics based outside the UK. A panel met to consider the reviews and compile a ranking of the proposals. The panel comprised the three directors of HubNet plus a member of our industrial group, an overseas academic and a UK academic (from a university that had not bid). An EPSRC programme manager was present to observe and advise on process.

The table below shows the ranking of the proposals and shows the six proposals funded in full and the two that are partially funded.

Ranking Institution Submitting Name of Submitter Title Decision
1 Durham and Imperial Chris Dent SMART-SAFE: sequential modelling, analysis and reporting toolkit for system adequacy and flexibility Funded
2 Imperial Paola Falugi Robust System Planning under High Dimensional Uncertainty Funded
=3 Imperial David Angeli Distributed Management of Flexible Demand in Dynamic Electricity Markets Funded
=3 Manchester Robin Preece Risk assessment and costing of instability of uncertain power systems Funded
=3 Cardiff Lee Thomas Blockchain based smart contracts for peer to peer energy trading using the GB smart metering System Funded
6 Manchester Kostas (Konstantinos) Kopsidas Power system risk mitigation and techno-economic network planning: Taming uncertainty through flexibility enabled by advanced component design Funded
7 Strathclyde Vic Catterson Life extension of MV cables through system voltage reduction Part Funded
8 Newcastle Charles Morisset Reliability and cyber-security of future, smart, low carbon electrical networks Part Funded
9 Integrated risk assessment under feedback: using Poisson's equation in variance reduction for Monte Carlo time-domain power system simulation Unfunded
=10 Co-ordinated Volt-VAr Control (VVC) and Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration (OFR) Unfunded
=10 Transmission reinforcement planning considering uncertainties in distributed generation, demand response, incentives and human behaviour Unfunded
=10 Expansion Planning of the GB Gas and Electricity Networks under Uncertainty Unfunded
=10 Mitigating Risk From Extreme Weather Events In Electrical Networks Unfunded
=14 ENACT: ENhancing Smart ACTions of Decentralised VSC-HVDC Control for AC System Support in Extreme Conditions Unfunded
=14 Towards Enhanced Network Capacity Evaluation Unfunded
=14 Time-Series Operational Risk Analysis of Electricity Networks considering Ambient Impacts Unfunded
=14 Application of decentralised techniques to develop new power system operational tools Unfunded
=18 Decentralised Estimation and Control in Future Power Grid Unfunded
=18 Advancing Smart Grid Solutions for distributed Electricity (eAgent) Unfunded
=18 Robust Transmission Expansion Planning with Uncertainties, Considering Distributed Generation, Demand Response, Energy Storage and Cyber/Physical Attacks Unfunded
=18 Divide and Conquer a Mega Distribution System from Introducing Distributed Energy Markets Unfunded
=18 Application of Novel Stream Computing Platforms to Enable Real-time Massive PMU Data Analytics Unfunded
=23 Distributed probabilistic control and optimisation in volatile power networks Unfunded
=23 ALTER - Automatic Load Transfer of Electrical Resources Unfunded
25 Global Inertia Mapping for Power System Security Protection Unfunded