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Position Papers

HubNet provides research leadership through the publication of in-depth position papers written by leaders in the field.

Position Paper Title Authors

HubNet Workshop Report No 1 - Modelling in Public Policy: Exploring Research Requirements to Support the Use of Modelling Evidence in Energy Policy Development

Amy Wilson, Claire Copeland, Evelyn Tehrani and Chris Dent

HubNet Position Paper No 17 - Beyond Traditional Asset Management

VM Catterson, M Segovia Garcia and JI Aizpurua

HubNet Position Paper No 16 - Opportunities for Improvement of Power Plant through New Materials

Simon Rowland and Steven Qi Li

HubNet Position Paper No 15 - A Review and Synthesis of the Outcomes from Low Carbon Networks Fund Projects

Damien Frame, Keith Bell and Stephen McArthur

HubNet Position Paper No 14 - HVDC Subsea Cable Electrical Return Path Schemes: Use of Sea Electrodes and Analysis of Environmental Impact

Simon Sutton, Steve Swingler and Paul Lewin

HubNet Position Paper No 13 - Integrated energy systems: An overview of benefits, analysis methods, research gaps and opportunities

Muditha Abeysekera, Prof. Jianzhong Wu, Prof. Nick Jenkins

HubNet Position Paper No 12 - Planning and Operation of the North Sea Grid

Oluwole Daniel Adeuyi, Jianzhong Wu, Jun Liang, Carlos Ugalde-Loo and Nick Jenkins

HubNet Position Paper No 11 - How much can we really expect from Smart Consumers?

Bryony Parrish, Phil Heptonstall, Rob Gross

HubNet Position Paper No 10 - Ensuring Functional Interoperability and System Integration of Real-Time Smart Grid Functions

Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Stephen McArthur, Ivana Kockar, Graeme Burt

HubNet Position Paper No 9 - Standards-Based Wireless Sensor Networks for Power System Condition Monitoring

P C Baker, V M Catterson, M D Judd

HubNet Position Paper No 8 - Interfaces in Solid Dielectric Insulation Systems

Simon Rowland

HubNet Position Paper No 7 - Smart Grids and Communication Systems

Dritan Kaleshi, Terence Song, Joe McGeehan

HubNet Position Paper No 6 - Power Electronics in Distribution System Management

Richard Silversides, Tim Green, Tom Luth

HubNet Position Paper No 5 - Smart Metering for Development and Operation of the GB Power System

Lee Thomas, Nick Jenkins

HubNet Position Paper No 4 - The State of the Art of Condition Monitoring - Insucon 2013

Paul Lewin, Justin Steele-Davies, Simon Rowland, Vic Catterson, Carl Johnstone, Cliff Walton

HubNet Position Paper No 3 - Issues for Distribution System Operation at 2030

Tim Green, Nick Jenkins and others

HubNet Position Paper No 2 - Lessons Learned from Deployed Smart Grid Protection and Control Strategies

Ibrahim Abdulhadi, Stephen McArthur, Graeme Burt

HubNet Position Paper No 1 - Smart Metering for the UK

Lee Thomas, Nick Jenkins

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